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Dress Code Cracker: The Podcast

The hilarious (seriously- so funny), smart and sparkling Sarah Innis has a thoughtful, funny and interesting PODCAST! Not only have I been interviewed for it (ahem) but I made her some print materials.


It’s about style and clothing – but in a SMART way, you guys: “far outside the confines of mainstream consumer fashion culture, we consider pop culture, politics, modern art, and feminism in discussing style as a means of personal expression.”

See photos of interviewees and pictures of their inspiration, as well as sound files HERE:

Here’s the square version that you’ll find on itunes (and libsyn), where you’ll no doubt subscribe and share with all of your fashionable friends:




Memoirs of Someone You’ve Never Met


This a book cover for a book I haven’t written yet. But they say you have to start with a good title (no one says that).

Believe in Spring


I’m trying.

I made this web banner to accompany Curbside Cycle’s latest window display. Thoughts of Spring might be aspirational at this point, but I have to believe it’s coming.  As soon as I finished hanging the window display, however, the snow flurries began.


Feminism Is Totes My Bag

It really is.

PinkTotes.tight crop.WEBWith the collaborative powers of myself (on brush pen),  Amy Wood (copywriter), Steph Guthrie (closer), and Shaunna (scholar), this little beauty was born. In both pink and black (…but we are out of black. One day we will be back in black).

BlackTotes.tight crop.WEB

It’s a joke and a graphic and a message and a tote bag.  Like Feminism, it’s a lot to unpack because it contains multitudes.  You can have your own for a measly $10 via the Drunk Feminist Films Shop.   There are also posters, but you need to come to a live event to get one.

Pink Poster.WEB


I’ve talked about the Superbabies before: Two friends, born in different provinces came together in Toronto only to discover they have the same birthday and were born in the same year… and also were great friends.

Now they celebrate most of their birthdays together and I have to effing miss their awesome PIZZA & BEYONCE themed party this year, so I made a picture. Superbabies, super dancing. Superbabies_Cropped Superbabies_Rough.LRez

Just look at them dance. They love it like they were born on the same day & year to love it.

(These recent watercolour sketches are inspired by the peerless Kevin Wada. Click to see how a boss does it.)

Shameless Magazine: on Food and Family



My illustration of Tracey Wan’s article “Eating Your Way Home” in the most recent issue of Shameless Magazine. Mag.Photo.Food.WEBAs always, read the whole thing… but we are on page 38. As well as a recipe for Wan’s family comfort food.





This time, it’s my pal Steph! I laid the pencil over the painting to fight the wimpyness of watercolour alone. Shazam!

A Reddish Dress

Shaunna_Cropped.LRez Shaunna.Rough.LrezMy pal Shaunna is my latest unknowing inspiration/model. Thanks Shaunzie!


Lazer Pointer


This is one of those times where I like the rough a little better than the final. The painting is fine, but the who-gives-a-shit expression on the sketch got away from me a bit.  This is a sort of inspired-by portrait of journalist, karaoke savant & all-around-awesome person Kelli Korducki and she did not give me her permission to draw it, so let’s hope she likes it.

Creep Lez






My pal Faith is the real life owner of this amazing shirt and the inspiration for this little drawing. Thanks Faith!