Some school work.

I am still wrestling with some indecision on how I want this blog to operate (finished work only? Candid remarks? Will I let my parents see it?  So do I have to take out all the swear words and dirty pictures?), but in the mean time I am going to post something, actually circulate the address and see what happens. So in other words, I will let indecision decide and unformatted will become the format. Pretty typical.  Hire me!

Self portrait done for class.

Self portrait done for class.

This picture was done on a red sketchbook that I was told to “decorate” for my core illustration class. Hilariously, it’s my favorite piece from last semester. Somehow the freedom to do whatever I want with the sketchbook made it much more fun. Usually with no restrictions I tend to freeze up, which is why I wanted to be an illustrator in the first place (over a “fine artist”); you always have some kind of outside narrative to work with. As all of my classes repeatedly hammer home, “you have a problem to resolve”. Ah, resolution.
I did a self-portrait on the back of the journal to be like an author’s photograph. The front of the book is interesting as well (with a giraffe, a blocky figure and some other rabble), but it is yet unscanned. I will add it one day.

Pose stolen from a Prada ad

Pose stolen from a Prada ad

My dad thinks this girl looks like Greta Garbo, but I am 90% certain it’s actually Jessica Stam in “W”.  There is some “bad drawing” in this picture according to my Drawing & Painting teacher, and I would have to agree. I suffered from some tragic laziness last semester that I am striving to remedy. But this is one of 3 drawings in which I came to love ink and wash. This is teal ink first drawn with a nib pen, then painted by brush with ink and water in various dilutions. So fun and easy. I would love, love, love to make a career of fashion illustration, though I am clueless as to how that is achieved.  This is not the most interesting drawing, or most capable painting or line-work, I must confess, but we are in “learning mode” and I thought perhaps the imperfect roughs would still be of interest to post.

paul-painting1Oh lazy poster, I!  Observe the image I didn’t even convert to greyscale or do any Photoshop adjusting on!  The horror! I did this painting from a particularly saucy clothed model in class. He really thought he was a jaunty Mister with his poses. Clearly an actor in disguise, he really “got into character” depending on what costume he was wearing, so when he wore a ball cap and a wife-beater, he also mimed shooting heroin!  So gritty!  Here he was more of a newsie past his prime. What could he be pondering as he looks into the middle distance? The transience of life? The latest headlines he is too old to deliver? Extra, Extra! Out of work actor models for art classes!  Good model though, although a liiittle too chatty. I don’t like it when the models chat with the teacher, class or try and “relate” to the lessons. He kept making comments about how “brilliant” Singer-Sargent’s work is. Well, if you say so, it must be true!  There is something weird, proportion-wise in the painting , but I like the light.

More in-class stuff with a model.

More in-class stuff with a model.

This is another model who likes to chat, much worse than the man above.  This drawing is simple and unfinished, but there is something I like about it. I lean toward feeling that overworked stuff is “better” because it’s had the crap rendered out of it, Escher-style. Conversely, I really like to see simple work. It’s just hard to do yourself.  Deciding when something is “finished” can be a challenge.

That’s all for now. I want to start posting more of this type of thing, so friends, fam and future clients (I hope) can see what I am up to, but also to get into the habit of making my work public. It’s so easy to fiddle away with these things and then put them in a box and call it a day.  This unknown and shoddy blog is not exactly public, but it’s a start.


2 responses to “Some school work.

  1. The man in the newsie cap looks like Abraham Lincoln. I like his beady eyes.

  2. Such a great way to see what you are creating and being challenged with. I so love your work and how you great you are getting. Thanks for the link.
    I love the lady in the blue dress. It is like she is coming out to meet us.

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