Fashion Continued

Here are the two spot illustrations that accompany the larger one from the last post. The article they accompany is more of a generic article about style than a “fashion” article, per say, lest anyone misunderstand.

The full page illustration (the one with the woman painting her own dress) articulates the article’s points about style being self expression and something that you create yourself. It says that “fashion” comes from without, but style comes from within, and that people need to take a hands-on approach to their own expressive style. I used a motif of hands to literally show how style icons of the past defined their style.

This illustrates a portion of the article that talks about Coco Chanel and how she took the classic suit and made it her own by unraveling the hem to it’s natural frayed edge.

chanel-spot-reviseThis one shows Louis XIV who reportedly dressed himself with every diamond in the royal collection to dazzle visitors and exude France’s splendor.


I’ll post the full page again, to show (and to see for myself) how/if the three work as a team. The assignment says the three should look connected, but the spots should highlight parts of the story, cleverly, if possible and the full page should sum up the articles spirit.


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