Collage Party!

The party was kind of a downer, since it’s sole attendee nearly threw a temper tantrum in the face of pastel paper, paste, and some string before moving to the realms of the unreal, otherwise known as the computer. Here I had a lot more successes, ripping out two collages.  Here is one of them:

dog balloon

The 2nd one is the one I am using for an assignment. I have to paint a picture of the collage (I know.) to perfect our colour matching abilities. Once the painting is done I’ll post both of them. As a result of this class I just finished a 4′ x4′ canvas which is the largest I have worked to date. I’ll get that photographed and post it soon so stay tuned!


One response to “Collage Party!

  1. Beautiful! I am super happy that you are posting again!

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