Thesis Work In Progress

I am submitting the following pieces to some upcoming contests.  They are my current favorites from my thesis work, in which I am having people describe a significant photograph from their past, and I try to recreate it based only on the description.

4 responses to “Thesis Work In Progress

  1. These are RAD! Which contests are you submitting them to? And which is Jane’s?

  2. Oooooo! Mine is the one at the top! So interesting to see how the image changes in the translation process. I’m excited for you to see the original now!

  3. My school selects 10-20 students that they cover the cost of submission for 4 or so of the big ones, including (but perhaps not limited to) American Illustration, 3×3, Communication Arts, Applied Arts, and some others.

    Annoyingly, the competition is pretty stiff, but I’m going to go through the process anyway and see what happens.

  4. Boooo! Why didn’t my emailed video get to you? I will retake with my camera and resend. But I have to inform you that my first take was GENIUS. Plus, pretty hair.

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