Valentine’s Q & A

Readers! I need your help!  Which of the following Valentines is better/makes more sense/is funnier/will sell more at the fund-raising sale?  Cast your vote in the comments: A or B?


I’m Letter A!



I’m B!

You can also add comments such as “I like the brighter pink but want the yellow bingo daubs on their faces, while keeping the font of B, but the word placement of A!”

Thanks for your help!


8 responses to “Valentine’s Q & A

  1. Design A with Font B. I would send it to someone I liked.

  2. I prefer the font and spacing of B, but with no daubs, and the pink of A.


  3. I am with Katie, except the colour, I like B

  4. I must agree with Kalo.

    And bravo!

  5. I’m with KaLo: Font and spacing of B is good, but hot hot pink of A is better. However, I do like those Bingo daubs on their faces, but that might just be because I used to play with Bingo daubbers as a weird child.

  6. i like b sans daubs!! and i like the pink of b too. and the font.

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