Rosemary’s… Bieber?

I am preparing email promo material in the form of a National Enquirer-style celebrity rag.  Here’s a sample sketch.

Teen angst from HELL!

The title of this post is the heading that accompanies it. Hilariously, I have ZERO opinion on the star in question. I have never even heard his music, but twitter’s trending topics says he is hot stuff and a disney-style celebu-tot is always fair game in my books.

Update, Mar. 7, 2012: When I was sick for two+ gruelling weeks in February, I watched Never Say Never on Netflix.  So I can never again say I have never heard the Bieb’s music, or know nothing about him.  I have to say, I did not know that JB was a legit musical prodigy. They showed him playing the drums well at age 8 or younger. It was nuts.   -G.


One response to “Rosemary’s… Bieber?

  1. I love it!! You should do a whole series of awkward teens with their emo angst.

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