Class Picture

I finished my last final today! …of this semester – I still have to take summer classes in which further finals will be written, but they feel paltry.  I feel like the FreedomBot is beginning to liberate me, however with grad show prep looming, the sense of freedom is false and fleeting.  My last Thesis class was Thursday and one of the students,  Hyunchul Kim adorably requested a class photo (!!!) to “proove to my parents in Korea that I actually went to school”.  So we have class pictures!  We took a normal and a “goofy” one. This is the first class picture I’ve had since Grade 8, so I though I had better post it:

With out teacher JC Knaff on the far left.

"Zany"!  I'm in stripes with my fingers pointing at my cheeks. I have a weird urge to play that Greenday graduation song.

One response to “Class Picture

  1. So much cute fashion! Seriously, you all look adorable (especially you, G.)


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