The Freedombot is Free

So I mentioned the Freedombot in the last post and I want to talk a little more about him. He was born of a typo, swaddled in facebook thread, nurtured by people checking on him frequently, he was Freedombot, the Liberating robot who comes to save you from the crushing grips of scholarly imprisonment*.

As mentioned I have o’erleaped several hurdles (last day of classes, last final, last critique), but must still complete THE GRAD SHOW.  As this magical time approaches, so shall the Freedombot.  Watch the horizon (this blog) for his imminent RETURN!

"Mom! I think I see him! Is it... the Freedombot?"

*For the record, I am fully aware that compared to the rigors even of better jobs, the freedom school allows to create, experiment, and generally live a life of modified leisure is GREAT INDEED. I appreciate this. I also want a break from it’s myriad stresses, without seeming ungrateful.


One response to “The Freedombot is Free

  1. freedombot has set you free. Long live free living.

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