Shhh. It’s ok.  It’s just another blog. It doesn’t mean I love this one any less.

Seriously, my roommate/friend/coworker (it’s like Jersey Shore around here. Everyone who lives at my house works together and plays together, but in a much less filthy and tanned way)… ANYWAY, my roomfriendlegue Mikey Bennington and I have launched a cycling street style blog!  It’s awesome. It only has three posts but it’s already awesome.


Wicked, right?

Here’s a few samples of what you can expect over there:

1. Pictures of people on the street with bikes wearing clothes.

Wearing clothes! On the street! On (beside) a bike!

Boys wear clothes too! And stand next to bikes! On streets!

2. Cool things that relate to cycling and/or fashion, such as THIS POST about Mikey’s trip to New York and the opening party for Adeline Adeline (a swanky bike boutique in Tribeca that carries the Euro bikes we distribute).

3. Illustrations and other printed ephemera that even loosely relates (I do the illustrations and most graphic design including the sweet hand-drawn logo I’ve mentioned many a time).

Remember this? Me too. But I'm posting it again anyway.

What on earth is this? you ask. A MERE TASTE of what's to come.

4. Excellent commentary on all of the above from Mikey and myself (pictured above if you hadn’t guessed).

Why not add it (and gillustration) to your RSS feed? I hear those are cool these days. WOO!


2 responses to “ LAUNCHED!

  1. oh Gillian! love your photo! the hat, red lipstick and the coat is beautiful. Is it just me or is there a little girl in the window on the right of you with pig tales? I think it’s a tree shadow???

  2. I don’t see it myself… maybe it’s a ghost like in 3 men and a baby.

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