Me. Roy Thompson Hall. 400+ other OCAD grads. One night… of TERROR.

Actually, more like one long and awesome afternoon of pomp, ceremony, celebrity and hats made seemingly of steel wool (I am looking at you President Sara Diamond, and thinking you look FLY).  Superstar illustrator Anita Kunz and superstar musician Buffy St-Marie (whose speech was really excellent) were awarded honourary doctorates, and I got to walk the stage!

Technically I am still not a graduate since I am currently completing my final .5 credit, but I  got special permission to participate, because seriously, how anti-climactic would it be to do this an entire calendar year from now?  Very anti-climactic.

Pictures of the actual grad show are on the way, but for today here are a few snaps from the ceremony itself:

The future is NOW!

Left to Right: Ali Hall, me, Carla Poirier. Click their names to see their wonderful work!

(insert witty remark here)

Graduand on ice

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