An Opening! This Thursday!

I am showing my work! In a sweet clothing collective/gallery near my house run by a bunch of awesome women!  The opening is this Thursday (June 17!)! It’s all very exciting and would be even more so if I didn’t have a research paper due the same day (*histrionic SIGH*).  But even with that  thrown into the mix, it is still exciting, maybe more so.

Check out the place:

One of their fantastic window displays. (photo from

Why not read an article on Freedom from (mind you, it’s from 2007, but that’s merely a testament to their staying power. Most clothing collectives can barely eek out a year, let alone 3 or 4, let alone creating and maintaining a store as beautifully curated as this one).

Why not check out their website?

It’s a really lovely store, made lovelier right now by a bicycle from the store I work at (Curbside Cycle), which was used to attractive effect in their ever-famous window displays.  Too much hawking (hauking?) of the place? Sorry. I just like it, is all.  And they wanted to out my pictures up.  Which is nice.

Come to Freedom this Thursday for the opening! There’s a band around 9:30, which is when I’ll be wheezing in the door after night class, on a post research paper high. High on procrastination that is! Freedom clothing collective is on Bloor, West of Ossington, but East of Dovercourt. Seriously, right around the corner from my house, and also right next to a XXX Adult Video store. But as the Thunder Lizards downstairs have taught me, you can’t pick your neighbors.  *Another histrionic SIGH*

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