Nice Toque, Brah!

This is a little old, but I was thinking about it and laughing, again. While I have yet to be featured/published/mentioned in Juztapoz magazine, back in April, my gentleman caller made his auspicious debut, and I can say with confidence we are all very proud and impressed:

(He's the one in the hat)

Seriously, though, how great is this?  We were at the Show and Tell Gallery checking out this show when we noticed some photographers, but did not think it would come to this magical conclusion.  Here’s the picture in context on the website (and with the appropriate photo credit):

p.s. When viewed in the round, the toque actually says “SASK WHEAT POOL”. When turned it can also say “heat pool”, “at pool,”  “ask wheat,” “ool sas” or of course, the above.  Anyway, great hat.

One response to “Nice Toque, Brah!

  1. “Eat Poo” indeed. This is amazing!

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