Gouache and Fold

That’s supposed to be a “wash and fold” joke.


SO! I’m participating in a show on December 10 at the good old Freedom Clothing Collective. Love those lovely ladies. Seriously.

Here’s a sneak preview of something LIKE what will be at Freedom. On Dec.10th. At the opening reception and silent auction.

Did I mention the show is called Paperback Nobodies No More? Wordy, yes but we like it too (there was a pun in there. Did you catch it?).  It’s a group exhibition using second hand books. We were given total freedom (more wordplay! And again!) to do to these poor books what we wanted. I wanted to paint in the pages.  The above is my roommate Lucie – a proposed painting that turned more into a study. Only attending the exhibition will reveal the final piece(s)!

Hint: It’s two portraits and one is of a prominent newspaper columnist.


When: Opening Reception & Silent Auction on Dec.10th – auction from 1 pm – 2 am, reception around 8 or 9 I am guessing.

Where: 939 Bloor Street W, West of Ossington, South side of the street (next door to a torridly YELLOW Adult video store)




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