Rookie of the Year

In the spring, during the last class of my degree (Sociology of the Body, which was actually fantastic), I wrote a fairly heinous essay about the behaviors of blogging, and to a lesser extent, about the culture of internet fame.  The latter was my real interest, but for the purposes of the class I had to incorporate the physical body in some way and a mediocre essay was how I chose to resolve the tension. Magically for me, this was still a class in ART school, so the second part of the assignment was to make something that illustrated our thesis in some way. I painted this:

If you don’t recognize the face, it’s meant to be a portrait of Tavi Gevinson, a.k.a. the Style Rookie, done in the style of a royal portrait. I’ve always been interested in prodigies and the whole gifted child thing, so Tavi’s blog, which was as precocious when she started it at age ELEVEN as it is now at fourteen, was an easy sell for me. Thanks to the blog alone, she has become a legitimately respected voice in the fashion community, which is a pretty startling turn considering the tendency of… (media? Who is today’s scapegoat? Media it is!)… of MEDIA to turn prodigies into awful, unlovable, and ultimately discredited freak-show-for-a-fleeting-moment fads.  It’s a testament (I think) to the actual voice Tavi has had from the beginning… and to the balls out, I-only-write-to-please-myself style that blogging lends itself to. My point: in her ability to dictate behavior (her hits are in the million per month), gather and hold a following, and lead with her own voice, she has become internet royalty. Plus there are all those great classical portraits of weird child kings and queens. So creepy and regal and great. Plus her erstwhile blue hair was so reminiscent of old lady. Old lady/young girl/queen/prodigy/it’s a wise child=I like it.

Anyway, enough aggrandizing. Obviously I like the blog. There’s a painting.  The end.

One response to “Rookie of the Year

  1. Jeez, thanks! Quit makin me blush.

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