Paperback Nobodies, No More.

Back in November I participated in a show at the lovely Freedom Clothing Collective, a lovely local gem run by excellent women with great taste.  The themed show had participants working with second hand books to give them a second life. Hence the title. Here’s the piece I submitted:

It’s a part of a larger series I am chipping away at (slowly. So slowly) called FACES that indulges both my love of painting portaits and my love of lurking people on Facebook.  All of the pieces are comprised of two profile pictures of different people side by side. I wrote a terribly brilliant and magnetic artist’s statement to justify myself for the show, but will not suffer anyone to read it here. Take my word for it: genius.

(I do think there is something really interesting about the way we choose to represent ourselves in social media and how that’s increasingly where first impressions are made – and comparing those impressions).

This is also a celebrity spotting, since the karaoke participant (or citrus fruit fan, depending on your reading), is none other then my friend Kelly Nestruck, Globe and Mail theatre critic. DID YOU SPOT HIM?  Well done. Now go see a play, you dullard!

The painting is gouache on old book. For you sticklers for detail.


One response to “Paperback Nobodies, No More.

  1. Lenore TempleBrown

    I love it and yes I spotted Kelly!

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