Trust the ‘Stache

I suppose it’s a little gauche to get political on this forum, but considering my status as a female, my investment in the arts, and my subsequent demographic as one of the working poor, I think it’s fairly appropriate to have a stance. And maybe my responsibility to talk about it (but just a little).

All I’ll say is that I am pretty happy about the Canadian about-face that may actually place the NDP party is a position to make changes or at least slow the rush of horrifying decisions made by The Harper Government ™.

Since all important decisions are now made on Facebook, I made this contribution to the NDP Facebook Orange Sweep: an avatar* to upload to your facebook or twitter, to use and abuse as you like.

The Facebook site says the following:

The idea was that this would be a passive way of getting into peoples heads that lots of people support the NDP, and that they are not crazy or isolated for thinking they might vote NDP. The idea was that when people are scanning their friends lists from time to time, they would consciously/subconsciously notice how many people they know that support the NDP and consider coming on board. PLUS, with membership at 3,300+, and an average of 190 friends per person, this group has potentially reached 647,000 people, in just 3 days.

I have often shied away from voting NDP (the party best aligned with my beliefs) because of the specter of Strategic Voting, but this seems like a great way to make NDP the strategic choice.

So, feel free to grab the image, and use it or send it to your friends, or hey, make your own!  Creativity in the name of Canada and a hopefully new and less corrupt government! Join the Orange Sweep!

*For the record I did not coin this phrase but saw it on the Facebook site above, and thought it was charming. These slogans seem to simultaneously generate in three remote locations at once, so if anyone wants credit for it, I will happily grant it. (Seriously, if you are the mastermind, write a comment and I’ll credit you).


2 responses to “Trust the ‘Stache

  1. Thank you, I will…

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