Portrait of a Canadian

I hope everyone spent the requisite time at the polls today! I actually decided to spare myself the panic and do it before work, so I could comfortably marinate in my own self-righteousness for the rest of the day. So tender!

In the spirit of Left-wingin’ it, I am posting an older piece with a pseudo-political theme. I did this invitation for the Bike Love Sale we held at Curbside, right around the time of Toronto’s Pinko Madness. I set the type for this, but also painted this ravishing larger-than-life portrait of Mr. Cherry  (an actual cut out that people could pose with next to the plaid-painted pink bike we eventually donated to the Darling House. Full back story here and here.).

Here are a few process photos (which you have already seen if you clicked the first link above, but for you non-link-clickers…)

Here’s where he still looks like a late Communist leader:

Here, he is emerging from the background, proving it is better to be Red than Dead and not the other way around:

The plaid fenders themselves (painted by certified genius Noah Rosen):

And finally me, on the finished Cherry Bomb with the finished Don Cherry. He’s so happy to pose with me, he is angrily pointing at camera man Dean Bradley of the Torontoist, insisting that he take 17 more:

But even Don’s polarizing (and bullying) rant stands to remind us of how lucky we are to be speak so freely.  And mock so freely.  And blog so freely.
And to vote so freely. Happy voting day, Canada!


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