Romance of the Wheel

Youpee! I love to be excited about things and I am excited about this:  it’s an upcoming art show that I am in along with a ton of awwwwesome artists and fellow OCAD alums (alums?) and to make it all even better, it is bicycle themed! I work in a BIKE STORE.  This means I am excited.

I am also excited about how BALLIN’ the poster is. (Whenever something is really great these days, the only word that comes to mind is “ballin'”. Why fight it?).  One of the show’s co-organizers, and bad-ass artist Jessie Durham made this poster and I cannot be more all over it. I am going to french it and have it’s babies. And for sure put it on my wall.

*singing* Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful?

Yes, she is.

And check out that line up!  People, if you haven’t heard of these hot talents, get on your Googler and start looking! You are meeting the heavy hitters of tomorrow, and perhaps, just perhaps, this show might be the perfect place to pick up their work at low-low “I’m just starting out” prices, before they have fully realized how talented they are. And then you can say you knew them when! And in years to come you can snottily tell your friends ,”I prefer their earlier, more experimental work”  and “You’ve seen my 2011 original haven’t you?” and they will strap on their jet packs and fly home, jealous of you! That’s right, YOU!

Wow. This is going to be the best show ever.

Details: Romance of the Wheel: Love, Hate & Cycling

Where: Jet Fuel: 519 Parliament, Toronto ON

When: June 3 – June 30, (Yes, that’s BIKE MONTH), Opening reception June 3.

See you there!

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