“I am a New Post”

I am up late working on my Romance of the Wheel piece which I am quite excited about. In fact, so far I am smitten with it.  Let us recap some upcoming events to keep your eye on, mark in your calendar and update your RSS feed  to track (I literally have no idea how those work, but I assume you can update them… they track something):

– The Romance of the Wheel opening reception is happening at Jet Fuel on June 3rd from 9pm to the breaka-breaka dawn.  But the show is up for the entire month so even if you are a terrified shut-in who only found this blog by clicking systematically through WordPress’s entire boundless catalogue, but who lives in Toronto and might want coffee at some point in June, THIS SHOW IS FOR YOU. Did I mention I have posted some in-progess shots on Twitter?  Why not follow my twitter @GillianGoerz?

– Comics!  I have been drawing comics like a mad fool who has drawn two pages of comics.  I will be posting pages starting SOON.  There is still time to email me your best stories of drug-taking and alcohol imbibing (see prev post).  gilliangoerz(at)gmail (dot)com  (Does this parenthetical BS do anything? Does it really stop the SpamBots from filling my inbox with prescription emails from Nicaragua?  I like how thanks to internet jerks and profiteers, Nicaragua ‘s perceived number 1 chief export is internet scam artists/Princes that Require Your Help and Credit Card information).

Twitter!  Yes, I have had an account for sometime, and YES I have started to use it!  Follow me for pithy remarks, vague hinting at deeper sorrows, and twit pics of drawings, paintings and cartoons!  Did you see the drawing I did of Rick? Who’s Rick you ask?  Follow and find out!   I already have at least 17 followers, two of which are fake “Monetize Your Twitter” scams. YOU can join such an esteemed group!  @GillianGoerz

Why? Why not!


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