The Comics: Jane Doe’s Story, Page 1.

It’s the first of the new comics!  To recap for the viewers at home, I am collecting stories of drug-doing and alcohol-imbibing – Good Stories, not just “ah gat drunk and puked on my new reeeebox!” They can be sad/mad/glad, but must be real and good – and I am making comics of them.  I have not lived a very thrilling life and enjoy living vicariously through a good drug tale, and everyone loves a wild yarn.

The first yarn comes from one Jane Doe, who recounts her tale of the first and only time she smoked pot.  This is page one with more to come sooooon…. (click to enlarge):


Page 2 will be posted this week!  Stay tuned!

I am still accepting submissions of great stories. Send:

1. your story

2. The psuedonym of your preference or whatever name you want me to use

and email them to gilliangoerz(at)gmail(dot)com

And follow me on twitter, why dontcha?  @GillianGoerz


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