I’ve been building a lot of ads at work, which is nice because I am afforded the freedom to do pretty much whatever I want.  This is what I wanted to do most recently:

Coming soon:

– the blog reveal (oh, be still thy beating hearts) of my piece from the Romance of the Wheel (soon to be displayed in the Bicycle Film Festival art showcase at the Gladstone – details to follow);

– Another COMIC! What are these comics? ask those lost in Internet’s musky depths, finding this blog only when an image search for flamenco dancing in Holland brings you here (this happened). Well, it is where I draw a pictoral retelling of other people’s submitted oft-told stories of substance use and abuse. Sad, scary, squalid, shilarious (see how I kept it alliterative by adding another “s” there? Pronounce that “sil-air-eous” in your head,  not with a “sh”), these are the stories you keep in your back pocket for the fireside. Share them with me and I will make them into a hastily drafted comic for ever or as long as Internet shall live (2 weeks max).  Email your true stories to gilliangoerz(at)gmail(dot)com.  Request your pseudonym or email your permission to use your real name and likeness. If you send nothing I will MAKE IT UP with all the possibility that entails. Choose wisely.

Requests, followed by threats. That is what I am all about. More of that on twitter: @GillianGoerz



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