Since moving to Toronto, biking (as in cycling) has become a routine (and previously insignificant, if not totally unheard of) part of my life. Even more so since my “real job” is at a bicycle store that exposes me to facets of the cycling community I would not have otherwise encountered. I would never in a thousand years have guessed that so many art opportunities would have come out of the cycling connection, but as it stands, I am set to be in not one but THREE bike-themed art shows this year, one past, and two future.  The one past was mentioned here, called the Romance of the Wheel – a true treat put together by many excellent former OCAD classmates (namely power couple Jessie & Dmitry. Click those links to be wowed by talent).   This is the piece I painted for that show:

Extreme Kudos to Dmitry for photographing the picture for me. The colour is great.

This piece will be shown for a second time at The Bicycle Film Festival’s art showcase: Back Breaks at the Gladstone, with the Opening Reception on Wednesday, August. 10th at 6 pm.

… and then shown for a third time (this time accompanied by an it-better-be-finished-by-then companion piece) at the reprise of The Romance of the Wheel, at Curbside Cycle, opening reception Thursday, August 18 at 8 pm.

And as mentioned, prints of FREEDOM are available currently at Curbside Cycle for the bargain price of $25.  Appearing soon, and suitably at Freedom Clothing Collective (I’ll keep you posted).

Keep it real my pretties, and follow me on twitter why don’t you?  @GillianGoerz


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