COMICS: Allen’s Story, Page 3.

Poor Allen. He LOST CONTROL, but regained it again. Ate too much, drank too much alcohol, medicated his glaucoma too much and then fainted in a bathroom around 3 am.   A real story for the ages, Allen’s Story is.

There are 3 more stories in the can, awaiting comic-ization, so stay tuned! I am making every effort to stay on top of this Wednesday & Saturday posting, so regular checking of this blog will not go unrewarded. You could even subscribe through those RSS thingies… I literally have no idea how that works but your friend’s 3 year old son or daughter could probably explain it to you. Have them explain it, then make it into a comic and send it to me. Start a blog about it. (That is actually a fairly solid idea. Sort of an educational Axe Cop type thing. Kids explain computers to adults. If you do this, I officially get a cut at this point. Or if you have a kid, get them to explain something to you and send it to me and I’ll make a comic and start a blog. Whatddayasay?)

Follow me on twitter for similar idea generation/or “brain jamming”. @GillianGoerz


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