In memory of Jack Layton.

As with the original, I am inviting people to use this image and share it.  This feels like a really strange time to be alive, and Jack Layton’s unexpected passing only intensified this feeling. I felt like he was a hopeful presence in the world; someone to ground the strong and disparate currents of our times.  My favorite memory is of Jack slicing into Harper at the debates in the last election, unafraid to show his appropriate disgust with Harper’s multiple betrayals, remaining classy all the while.  He was an true advocate for the Canada I like best: an honest and sincere country that takes care of its people, and uses reason and compassion to make decisions rather than fear and greed. I hope his sad death can bring together the people of this world in some kind of compassionate way – I think his farewell letter is a great place to start:


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