Alien Landing!

What a babe… but, but, but… she’s an alien!

This little pair was made about 5 years ago as a collectable set of gig posters for two shows by the late band Endangered Ape.  I feel like my typographic take on them was not the best so the pictures alone have the esteemed privilege of being featured here on the most powerful communication vehicle in the world: THE INTERNET.  These are made of cut paper all glued down. I wonder actually, where the originals are… (A. In my piles and piles and piles of unsorted stuff.)

Here’s a shot of the two pieces side by side:

My inability to get to my current in-progress comic seems to be resulting in some goodies form the archives getting their first breath of air in a while.  Breathe deep alien babe, cause it’s back to the vault for you now!

Updates every Wednesday & Saturday; fill the void between with ma’ tweets: @GillianGoerz


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