Remember… love?

More specifically, remember when I polled my 7 readers to weigh in on the best valentine design for my school fundraiser thing?

Neither did I, until I was snooping around in the old computer files and found the Valentines I actually used, realizing that I have never, ever ended the life-gripping suspense of those seven (three) people who contributed wonderful feedback!  Here are the designs I used (please note, neither of them are from that previous post. What a tease!):

First, the lip meeting of two weirdoes. I think weirdo love is beautiful.  OF COURSE attractive symmetrical people who enjoy healthiness and human interaction will come together. That is how nature is designed to work.  But when people who had neck braces until they were 23, are allergic to the sun and can’t stop reading dictionaries just for the smell come together, then we know the internet is good for something, and that the world is an ok place after all.

No, I do not want to subscribe to Gender Norms, thank you very much.  (So instead I depicted the true love of Mark from Peep Show and Tom Selleck.)

Valentine love! Right in time for Thanksgiving.

* * *

So, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. I know you 3 are all FURIOUS that despite my bragging and prancing around, singing the song of My Glorious Consistant Nature of Posting Every Wednesday And Saturday… I didn’t post last Saturday. I blew it. Big time. I made a promise.  And I broke it. I broke it.

Please accept my deepest apologies, and try, if you can, to accept that I had many very important social engagements and celebrity parties to attend where I am VERY in demand and – I just forgot ok? I could have but didn’t, because I am stupid stupid STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID…. uh….   Seriously, I did forget but have also been bombarded with work and commissions (yay!) and craziness (boo!) and something had to give. Back to regular W & S  (that’s Wed & Sat, in cool insider lingo, like the kids are using) from here on out.

@GillianGoerz on twitter, as always!


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