Did I mention I used to be waaaaaaay into anime?   Specifically Sailor Moon.  Very, very, very interested in Sailor Moon.  Dolls, posters (in paper and those weird mesh fabric posters with plastic tops and bottoms. How weird are those?), cards, stickers, plastic crap (like rings and earrings and pins)… the list goes on.   So anyway, in school, I had to design a tea box around a Japanese myth of a goddess who thwarts a jerky fisherman who wants to keep her trapped with him (feathers are involved. She turns into a bird maybe? I really can’t remember).  BUT my anime background came in to play. Here’s my tea box design.  Is it awesome? Maybe. (Maybe not):

Wouldn’t  you want your tea in this?  I have some very funny/embarrassing anime-style drawings on my phone from early days that I will post soon, to keep up the theme.  Check my twitter, I may post them there  first – a sneak preview, as it were.  @GillianGoerz



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