In Absentia

Hey 7 readers! I am truly sorry for breaking my promise of posting twice a week. When I do something, I do it right, and what I did was stop posting, and I sure did STOP POSTING.  There was work, and commissions and deadlines and then there was a legitimate family tragedy (no jokes here, pals), and then some recovery time that is still in progress. But sometimes making pictures can be helpful and I am doodling it up a little more these days so I’d like to being a return to my old form. I’d LOVE to get back into regular posting, but things being what they are and the hols around the corner, I think the thing I could be doing really well right now is not making promises I can’t keep.  Deal? Deal.

So maybe some drawings. Maybe a painting or two. Let’s see what happens.  Thanks for hanging in there, 7 readers.  See you soon(ish).


One response to “In Absentia

  1. Lenore TempleBrown

    Sorry to hear about a family sadness.
    Hope you are well.

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