Cartoonist Makes Good

No not me. You must have blind ears and deaf eyes not to have noticed the rise of one Canadian Cartoonist Kate Beaton.  In case haven’t heard, her recently published book “Hark, A Vagrant!”, her webcomic of the same name, and the recent media blitzkrieg surrounding the aforementioned has brought her to the shining spotlight that she surely deserves. For she is funny.

I recently treated myself to a little CanCon mail order package consisting of her newest book, her previously self-published book (“Never Learn Anything From History”) and a sweeeeet mug with her drawing of  David Bowie on it.  It’s all as good as it sounds.

Another great thing? I know people who know her! THAT’S RIGHT.  Oh yeah. Fame by association. Put that in your “seriously, who cares?” pipe and then smoke it while bad mouthing me and my braggin’ city ways to all your friends. Try “She thinks she’s soooo cooool, but she doesn’t even actually even know her, you know?” and “Who does she think she’s kidding?!!”  No one!  I am kidding no one!

But I really do know a bunch of people who know her so it’s like knowing her right? Right, guys? guys? guys? guys?

Anyway! Despite not knowing her at all in any actual way, I think she is awesome! Her drawings are funny, her writing is funny and I am so happy that she is getting all this excellent press.  Why not check out all her stuff, all the time:

And follow her on twitter. She posts extra drawings that aren’t on the site.

Follow me too while you’re at it! My sink-hole depression is giving way to a slight rise in twitter activity. It can only go up from here! Buy low and sell high! @GillianGoerz


2 responses to “Cartoonist Makes Good

  1. My boyfriend got me that mug for my birthday. I have been using it every single day, and nobody else is allowed to use it.

    • Ha! I am the same. Someone used my mug lately and it was all stony glares from me; the reward for use is passive aggression. I checked your site and am in love with the anxiety series, specifically the “I predict catastrophe” piece. Amazing! If there are prints I would buy one. Tell me if there are, Ok? -G.

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