Rabbits Multiply

This isn’t even close to festive. In fact it’s overdue in many ways. I made this bunny pattern for my friend who loves the bunnies, gave it to her for her birthday well over a year ago (where she got drunk and lost the print at the bar). She asked for another (it’s a mere digital print so nbd), and today, like 18 months later I am doing it. Have done it. A person could conceive, gestate and birth a new human, and teach it our language in the same amount of time it took me to go click, click, click, change some printer cartridges, then click, click, click again. Buzz buzz buzz and there you have a digital print.  But I guess some people are just productive.  (me)

Here’s the print.

Hilariously, it’s a pretty sparse pattern to wait so very long for, but it’s moving away from home for the first time tomorrow, so I have to love it as it is and send it on it’s way. *sniff* They grow up so fast.


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