Hey Baby.

Last year was a fairly busy year for me on the freelance front, for which I am extremely grateful. One of the projects I worked on was a baby portrait for a lovely gentleman to present to his wife! This is their first baby who was about to turn 1 around the time of his wife’s birthday, and he wanted their very special bond commemorated with a portrait.

(The only minus of this project was my neglect in not getting a good scan. These iPhone pictures are the only record I’ve got. The one above is the more accurate colour).

This client was a PLEASURE to work with. I have done family portraits before that have been nightmares. Not only was the father easy to deal with and friendly, he wanted my creative interpretation, and gave great feedback at the on set. I felt like I knew what he wanted on an intangible level, and that I was free to put my spin on the tangible product. A delight all around.

I would work for this gentleman again in a heartbeat… or anyone else as delightful to work with that needs some portrait work! Check my Official (ahem) website:  GillianG.com


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