Tig Notaro: LIVE, the most special Special

I have a real love of comedy, since podcasts are the soundtrack of my working days, and I’d rather laugh than cry while I work, which would happen if I listened to the news. So comedy podcasts it is!  And the crazy thing about podcasts is how quickly you come to feel like an insider. “I heard Mark telling Jimmy about this show at Largo…” Dude. I wasn’t actually there. I don’t get to use only their first names like we are pals, says me to myself in the mirror.  But none the less, this  connection is born (still-born) and you kind of nurture it along without noticing.

Then, since I follow some of my best comedy pals on twitter (they’ll follow me back any day now), I heard about my guuuurl Tig Notaro dropping something new, Louis C.K.-Guerrilla style. And so I downloaded it, and listened to it… and since it is getting wild press right now, anyone reading this probably knows that it’s this incredibly raw and funny and honest set about how Tig Notaro’s life SUCKS right now but is also amazing and how it is to be living in the awkward spot between tragedy and comedy.

And after hearing this set I felt weirdly moved to make her a present. And I have no real way to get it to her (I am bashfully emailing her assistant, which I expect will go straight to the spam pile), but I wanted to make it anyway, whether she gets it or not.

So here is your present, Tig Notaro, who I have never met.  I thought your special really was special.

EDIT: As I have learned from Tig’s podcast Professor Blastoff and the comments of devoted fans, Mme. Notaro is doing extremely well, has had successful surgery, and is now kicking ass and taking names.  There was a bidding war for her book, she is in New York and working and everything is coming up Notaro. There are some proverbs about rain and sunshine and light and darkness. Apply your favorite here! 

You can download the special here, for only $5 measly dollars. I highly recommend it. Obviously.

I’m on twitter at @GillianGoerz, if any comedians want to follow me and be best friends. Cool.


3 responses to “Tig Notaro: LIVE, the most special Special

  1. Great drawing! Not sure if you’re aware, Tig is now cancer-free as far as she knows. You should tune into her weekly podcast “Professor Blastoff” to get the latest on Tig. Also, follow my Tig Fan Page if you’re a fan! 🙂

  2. Your illustration is wonderful! I hope you got a response from Aaron about sending this to Tig. I decided to make a gift for Tig, David, and Kyle and I hope I’ll be able to send it them to when I am finished. I do know that Aaron (or some professor blastoff person) reads all the emails, I got a response to my last email, it was very exciting!

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