VOTE on Idle No More Bumper Stickers

So I’ve had a few requests for the Idle No More bumper stickers – not just the print files (available free by request) but for printed stickers for purchase. I am looking into printing, but in the interests of my own poverty I think I can at this time only print one design. WHICH SHOULD IT BE? Note: It doesn’t seem to be any cheaper to print black and white, so choose freely. I left the b/w option in case it’s your aesthetic choice.

I’m going to close the poll on Jan. 15th in the interests of supporting IdleNoMore NOW while the iron is hot. If I get a lot of decisive response, I’ll close and print even sooner, so please spread the word! I will be selling the bumper stickers either at cost or donating any profit to Idle No More. Please feel free to elaborate on your vote in the comments and if you have a price you’d like to see the stickers, or an amount you plan on buying, throw that in there too. More on IdleNoMore: I love that this movement is gaining ground outside of Canada. Colonialism has destroyed so many beautiful ways of life that we may never see again in this world. I think it is high time for indigenous people to be the teachers, leaders and guides on what “civilization” can really look like.

2 responses to “VOTE on Idle No More Bumper Stickers

  1. This would seem too good to be true, but is the feather on a rectangular sticker or cut to the outline?

    In any case, all look great, and great idea! Hope it is wildly successful 🙂

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