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PAL-entine’s Day!

AKA. When Egos Run Wild.

I got it into my head that I invented the concept of Palentine’s Day.  Granted, it was an intentional play on Parks and Recreation’s “Galentine’s Day,” so I knew I wasn’t reinventing the wheel, however…  For a recent event I pitched the idea of PALentine’s: a celebration of friendship.  Turns out Urban Dictionary has listed this title as in-use since 2013, so I am not an originator. But I did make Palentine’s cards.  Here they are:

CandyHearts_solo Friendship_purp
I’ve been doing brush lettering ever since I took an excellent workshop with Ligatures YYZ this summer.  “Friendship” and “Love” are hand-lettered, and then hand-traced in Illustrator; the other words are typography.

I hope everyone celebrates their friendships this month as well as their romances. Happy Pal/Gal/Valentine’s day!

Hand-drawn type for Curated by M

It’s all in the title, isn’t it?   Friend and designer Jill Holmberg tapped me to help out with some hand-drawn type for her client, an event-planning, PR-type company called Curated by M.  Click to see the enlarged version.


Memoirs of Someone You’ve Never Met


This a book cover for a book I haven’t written yet. But they say you have to start with a good title (no one says that).

Believe in Spring


I’m trying.

I made this web banner to accompany Curbside Cycle’s latest window display. Thoughts of Spring might be aspirational at this point, but I have to believe it’s coming.  As soon as I finished hanging the window display, however, the snow flurries began.


Feminism Is Totes My Bag

It really is.

PinkTotes.tight crop.WEBWith the collaborative powers of myself (on brush pen),  Amy Wood (copywriter), Steph Guthrie (closer), and Shaunna (scholar), this little beauty was born. In both pink and black (…but we are out of black. One day we will be back in black).

BlackTotes.tight crop.WEB

It’s a joke and a graphic and a message and a tote bag.  Like Feminism, it’s a lot to unpack because it contains multitudes.  You can have your own for a measly $10 via the Drunk Feminist Films Shop.   There are also posters, but you need to come to a live event to get one.

Pink Poster.WEB



DID YOU KNOW? Sometimes I still do ads for the lovely people at my former place of employ, Curbside Cycle.


It’s a good sale too. If you are in Toronto, go get a light and a bell before you get a ticket.

ALSO, a few parts of this ad look pretty unreadable here. I swear it’s better in print.  One of the unreadable parts states that the sale ends on Sept 30th, and that you need to bring in the ad. It’s in NOW magazine, as of next week Thursday.

ALSO-ALSO, if you are interested in knowing all of the exciting offences you can commit as a cyclist in Toronto and what they’ll cost you if you are caught, here is a handy pdf:

Now ride safely, you crazy mo’ fo’s.

The Double Play Pass


I made this logo recently for the delightful  Twentysomething Theatre in Vancouver. So if you are in Vancouver, see some excellent theatre, say, two plays purchased.. with one pass. LOGOS!

Am I Right, Ladies?


What a hilarious show this was! Comedy is a friend to the freelancer, so I was more than happy to put this together for Mariko and Heather who hosted (and performed in) this show above. If you get a chance to see any of the hilarious people above, do it.

B is for Brave!

I have a new poster for sale! It’s available through my store for a mere $20 and makes a lovely gift for any child, or anyone who needs a little more courage in their life.


I am going to make more for all of the letters of the alphabet… or at least most of them. No, ALL of them. I will do it! This decision brought to you by the letter B, for bravery!