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The Freedombot is nearing…

Is it… is it…. HIM?

He runs for you, for me. He runs for us all. LAUNCHED!

Shhh. It’s ok.  It’s just another blog. It doesn’t mean I love this one any less.

Seriously, my roommate/friend/coworker (it’s like Jersey Shore around here. Everyone who lives at my house works together and plays together, but in a much less filthy and tanned way)… ANYWAY, my roomfriendlegue Mikey Bennington and I have launched a cycling street style blog!  It’s awesome. It only has three posts but it’s already awesome.


Wicked, right?

Here’s a few samples of what you can expect over there:

1. Pictures of people on the street with bikes wearing clothes.

Wearing clothes! On the street! On (beside) a bike!

Boys wear clothes too! And stand next to bikes! On streets!

2. Cool things that relate to cycling and/or fashion, such as THIS POST about Mikey’s trip to New York and the opening party for Adeline Adeline (a swanky bike boutique in Tribeca that carries the Euro bikes we distribute).

3. Illustrations and other printed ephemera that even loosely relates (I do the illustrations and most graphic design including the sweet hand-drawn logo I’ve mentioned many a time).

Remember this? Me too. But I'm posting it again anyway.

What on earth is this? you ask. A MERE TASTE of what's to come.

4. Excellent commentary on all of the above from Mikey and myself (pictured above if you hadn’t guessed).

Why not add it (and gillustration) to your RSS feed? I hear those are cool these days. WOO!

The Freedombot is Free

So I mentioned the Freedombot in the last post and I want to talk a little more about him. He was born of a typo, swaddled in facebook thread, nurtured by people checking on him frequently, he was Freedombot, the Liberating robot who comes to save you from the crushing grips of scholarly imprisonment*.

As mentioned I have o’erleaped several hurdles (last day of classes, last final, last critique), but must still complete THE GRAD SHOW.  As this magical time approaches, so shall the Freedombot.  Watch the horizon (this blog) for his imminent RETURN!

"Mom! I think I see him! Is it... the Freedombot?"

*For the record, I am fully aware that compared to the rigors even of better jobs, the freedom school allows to create, experiment, and generally live a life of modified leisure is GREAT INDEED. I appreciate this. I also want a break from it’s myriad stresses, without seeming ungrateful.

Class Picture

I finished my last final today! …of this semester – I still have to take summer classes in which further finals will be written, but they feel paltry.  I feel like the FreedomBot is beginning to liberate me, however with grad show prep looming, the sense of freedom is false and fleeting.  My last Thesis class was Thursday and one of the students,  Hyunchul Kim adorably requested a class photo (!!!) to “proove to my parents in Korea that I actually went to school”.  So we have class pictures!  We took a normal and a “goofy” one. This is the first class picture I’ve had since Grade 8, so I though I had better post it:

With out teacher JC Knaff on the far left.

"Zany"!  I'm in stripes with my fingers pointing at my cheeks. I have a weird urge to play that Greenday graduation song.

Valentine’s Q & A

Readers! I need your help!  Which of the following Valentines is better/makes more sense/is funnier/will sell more at the fund-raising sale?  Cast your vote in the comments: A or B?


I’m Letter A!



I’m B!

You can also add comments such as “I like the brighter pink but want the yellow bingo daubs on their faces, while keeping the font of B, but the word placement of A!”

Thanks for your help!


It’s that time again!  As a part of the OCAD Illustration thesis class, I am contributing a few Valentines to our grad fund-raising sale.  Here’s an early version of one of my designs. It now says “You make Lovin’ fun” because a friend thought the tagline below was from a McDonald’s ad (rather than from a hilarious song).

Sample Version

Click the link for more info on the Fundraiser and a sweet poster from friend and fellow OCAD comrad Jessie Durham:

Happy V-day (soon)!

Thesis Work In Progress

I am submitting the following pieces to some upcoming contests.  They are my current favorites from my thesis work, in which I am having people describe a significant photograph from their past, and I try to recreate it based only on the description.

CD cover

I made this for my gentleman caller when we started dating. Aw! It’s a mix cd (barf!) hopefully improved by it’s illustrated cover! At the time we were long distance, hence the significance of the telephone.  I can’t read it on my file, but there is no doubt, an embarrassing play list in this too. Sigh.

Just the scanned ink drawing, prior to being coloured.

Coloured and with the lovey-dovey playlist! Blech! Gross!

Curbside Cycle

My day job at Curbside Cycle is keeping me busy with some graphic design work, which is a delight. Here’s a sale poster I made for a current bike sale.

See it in action on their website:

I love doing this kind of thing, so thanks to the Curbside crew for the work!  I also did the current window display so if you are in the Annex, check it out.