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Nuts & Bolts Conference

Last weekend I made my way to New York city for the first annual Nuts n Bolts conference for emerging illustrators, hosted by 3×3 magazine.  This was a pretty swell thing for me to do, it turns out, as the speakers were excellent, the whole thing was well organized and generally awesome.

I have more photos to post later, but for now, here are some drawings I did of the presenters made in lieu of listening (I kid!) with some no doubt embarrassing and spotty note taking:

This is Charles Hively, editor of 3×3, de facto host of the whole conference. He was opinionated, smart and funny.

Charles Hively in the house, come on, lemme hear you say WHOA-OO!

The next two are of Aaron Meshon, a tragic hero plagued by copyright infringers and a ravenous hunger for justice. Seriously. So many lawsuits. His talk was hilarious, but not as hilarious as these beastly drawings of him. Aaron, if you are out there, no offense is intended*.

*I expect a lawsuit forthcoming.

More Aaron Meshon. The one with the eyes closed here is the closest to any real likeness.

Props to Canadian and OCAD alum Marcos Chin! His talk was also really funny. All of the speakers made an excellent effort to trace their roots and I think Marcos’ hard partying electric circus flashback photo montage was the most touching. These pictures don’t accurately reflect how much he was smiling and laughing through his whole talk. A delight.

Nora Krug! So classy!  I found out later she is the same age as I am (!!!!) and has already achieved more than I will have when I collapse from fatal obesity in front of the radiator in my barren apartment at age 104.

Paul Hoppe is the brain behind Rabid Rabbit. He spoke well on the importance of personal voice. Really, the whole conference was very inspiring.  Yay Paul!

This might be my favorite drawing of the set. Meet Steven Tabbutt. His paintings are the kind that make you jealous you didn’t think of doing them. Ridiculous. Click his name and see his site. Right now.

My personal and heartfelt apologies to the lovely professionals whose likenesses I have befouled here, and more apologies to Chris Buzelli and Marshall Arisman whose talks I refrained from sketching through. Marshall is basically my stepdad 2.0 so I very much related to the “either this is a bold faced lie composed of the foulest bullshit or a fundamental yet long forgotten truth that reaffirms my belief in life, magic, goodness and myself” approach. Very charming.  Chris Buzelli and Aaron made a Smothers Brotherly duo of comedy and filial love – I want to actually hang out with these people, socially. Karaoke anyone?