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Hurricane: the board game


Several years ago a few friends conceived a fantastic homemade board game called HURRICANE!  Players are caught in the aftermath of  – duh – a hurricane and must fight their way to the arena where they hope safety awaits.  I illustrated the cards players pick that represent their findings on the path to the arena. Most of them are not pleasant and lead if not to despair, to madness!  Enjoy:


(I edited out the NSFW cards, but should the game be made public, it will only be more incentive for you to purchase it.)

Waterlogged family album.



My camels! Too soggy to be traded in prison for protection.Hurricane_Camels

Waterlogged corndogs. Waterlogged is an ongoing theme.

Finding a loved one! It’s not all bleakness here. Hurricane_LovedOne

Buuuuuut sometimes there is spoiled meat… Hurricane_Meat

…and human excrement. Hurricane_Poop

And finally, this might be the favorite thing I’ve ever drawn, and I don’t especially love drawing animals. Hurricane_Cat