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Sarah Plain and Small

What a busy month! January, you have been kind to me.  In honour of this month of fun, why not an animated gif?

I made this girl (I call her Sarah Plain and Small) around the time I was making all of the “Glamerous Beauties” (sic). I feel like she is the monochromatic sister (& perpetually ignored daughter) of one of the other pageant girls who’s features, while odd on a child, will make her an amazingly beautiful adult (next to her future burnt-out beauty queen sister).  Not that I root for underdogs, or was a late bloomer or have some sort of lingering feelings about any of that.  No sir.



She don’t need no dance moves or head waggles or sissy walkin’. She just blinks and waits to grow up. Although someone pageant-related may have helped with that hair…

Baby Madonna

Madison’s talent is vogueing. Her favourite colour is silver, and her best friend is her budgie named Wee Wee.


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I do declare!

Well, I do declare, it’s Brianna, our little Southern Belle! Her favourite food is meat balls and her favourite colour is Orange! She loves to stand still, watch TV, and spend time with Peaches, her Guinea pig.


More of these bright young things to come.  Trying to get back to the Wed/Sat posting. We’ll so how I do.