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Blazing Travels

I did some drawings in April for Normative Рa really lovely design firm, full of lovely people, here in Toronto. These were made for a presentation their client will be using internally, so this may be their only parade around the block.  Without getting into it, the drawings (and hopefully you can glean this from, you know, the drawings) are about making travel decisions, and enjoying cities from a less tourism-oriented perspective. While wearing a jaunty blazer/t-shirt combo.


SN_LocalExpert_WEBSN_ThroughLocalEyes_WEBSN_Sharing _WEB

You can see a few more images from the set of 15 on my portfolio site, as well as a few other updated, shinier nuggets from the past… and the FUTURE. It’s like my blog, with a blazer on. And if you want to hire me or have your friend from the New Yorker hire me, you can send them there too. It’s so easy!


This is a birthday doodle I did for my friend Kira who is as devious as the picture implies.The inside reads “She’ll never tell…”.