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Ann Perkins + Nursing Forever

What can I say about Ann Perkins, except that she is a beautiful musk ox? I can say that I liked her short hair with sweeping bangs better than this long hair, bangs-in-face motif that plagued before and is showing symptoms again. She’s a nurse. She should have a look at that.  I can also say that I really like Rashida Jones. Sorry you only get a nursing theme, Jonesy, but other than being good at friendship and bad at relationships (and there is no clear pictogram for either), Ann is consistently a health professional. And I for one, respect her for it.

Also, if you are a Rashida Jones fan, go and see the movie Celeste & Jesse Forever (that is actually the name, not a sick tie-in to my thematic post naming. It’s just a marvellous coincidence). It’s a movie that Mme. Jones produced and maybe also wrote(?). I liked it, but it didn’t seem to make much of a splash.  It’s funny and moody and Andy Samburg plays her ex-husband who is also an illustrator. So many tie-ins!

Ron Swanson + Red Meat Forever

Need I say more?

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