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Believe in Spring


I’m trying.

I made this web banner to accompany Curbside Cycle’s latest window display. Thoughts of Spring might be aspirational at this point, but I have to believe it’s coming.  As soon as I finished hanging the window display, however, the snow flurries began.




DID YOU KNOW? Sometimes I still do ads for the lovely people at my former place of employ, Curbside Cycle.


It’s a good sale too. If you are in Toronto, go get a light and a bell before you get a ticket.

ALSO, a few parts of this ad look pretty unreadable here. I swear it’s better in print.  One of the unreadable parts states that the sale ends on Sept 30th, and that you need to bring in the ad. It’s in NOW magazine, as of next week Thursday.

ALSO-ALSO, if you are interested in knowing all of the exciting offences you can commit as a cyclist in Toronto and what they’ll cost you if you are caught, here is a handy pdf: http://www.toronto.ca/cycling/pdf/hta.pdf

Now ride safely, you crazy mo’ fo’s.

Workin’ it.

What an insane spring this is shaping up to be!  Working full time at the bike store would have been enough to make it crazy as the season seems to start earlier every year and always at least a month before the seasonal staff start.  Add to that prep for two (maybe three) shows, and some freelance work (that will hopefully lead to more) and suddenly free time is the hottest drug on the market, and the hardest to get your hands on.

At the bike shop I do the usual bike-selling thing, but have always had my hands in the marketing side of things. The website redesign that has occupied the chilly winter days is now approaching readiness.  Happily for me, we went with a more illustrative look , with simple cartoonish drawings – instead of talking about them, I’ll show a sample:

Lovely people enjoying bikes!  Here’s some closer-ups on these dashing urbanites:

Here’s sporty-pants, chugging some H2-WHOA while a dad cargo-bikes his lovely child around.

Cute woman and cute man get into the Big Topics while another bike dad totes the baby:

And finally, more attractive people:

If you are a bike nerd you will probably recognize the bikes. If you want to be one, just ask and I’ll tell you who is riding what. If you don’t care, you are probably in the majority, so bless you, you make the world’s decisions.  “MAJORITY RULES!” scream the jocks from the passing jeep.  It sure does.

Rob Ford Loves Bikes!

Oh, wait. He is an uninformed bigot afraid of learning, critical thinking and freedom.  I drew a picture of him, partially to illustrate an article my boss wrote on the Curbside blog, and partially to quell the overwhelming hopelessness that has been dragging behind me like a bag of sand since this verdict – I mean announcement.

Hopefully this new regime of idiocy will be what Torontonians need to wake up and take a more active role in the city.

Curbside Cycle

My day job at Curbside Cycle is keeping me busy with some graphic design work, which is a delight. Here’s a sale poster I made for a current bike sale.

See it in action on their website: http://www.curbside.on.ca/blog/

I love doing this kind of thing, so thanks to the Curbside crew for the work!  I also did the current window display so if you are in the Annex, check it out.

Curbside Cycle

I recently did an illustration to promote a bike sale for Toronto’s Curbside Cycle – only the most chic bicycle store in town, and also my place of part-time employment. Here’s the picture:Curbside Bike Girl

See it in it’s natural habitat in Curbside’s blog: http://www.curbside.on.ca/blog/

Thanks to Eric for both the commission and the link to this blog from Curbside’s. Genuine class.