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Queen of Summer

Another drawing that was made as a kind of hostess gift. I made it for my friend Amy who invited me to her party. I finished it much, MUCH later than the party and am now giving it to her via this post, a la, the internet. Thanks for the Summer party, Amy!

Li’L Lizzy

This little diva models herself after the late great Elizabeth Taylor.  She’s got diamonds (fake rubies) on her neck and stars (and hearts) in her eyes.

Official Site: GillianG.com

When the bearded sleep.

A little drawing of my main man getting his beauty sleep.

So many great projects on the go this month, I am finding little time to finish the comics that are also on the go. Such as the tale of a prairie girl come to a big city party that goes WAY over her head… OR DOES IT?  Really, it’s too early to tease for this one because it’s going to be a solid month before it’s ready to go up.  Fortunately there are other things to post, like ink drawings of sleeping dudes.

I update every Wedneday and Saturday, and I post periodically on twitter @GillianGoerz.

CD cover

I made this for my gentleman caller when we started dating. Aw! It’s a mix cd (barf!) hopefully improved by it’s illustrated cover! At the time we were long distance, hence the significance of the telephone.  I can’t read it on my file, but there is no doubt, an embarrassing play list in this too. Sigh.

Just the scanned ink drawing, prior to being coloured.

Coloured and with the lovey-dovey playlist! Blech! Gross!