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The Couple that Stays Together (part 2)

If you are finding this blog for the first time, WELL DONE, but also read the last post to explain this one. Or just read this sentence:

Now for more Engagement Photos the Reflect the Real Relationship of the Couple!

These two got engaged on Spring Break in Cancun.

They aren’t shallow, they just know what they want: great profile pics.

Those aren’t cigarettes.

“He has just the best taste. This matches the Hermes toenail clippers with embedded swarovski crystals he got me on our 3 week anniversary which is when I knew, he was a keeper.”

(nice mock turtle neck, guy)

I hope these doodles find all 7 of my readers healthy and fine. I will be on “vacay” when these posts go up so I hope to get into more regular comic (and other art & design) posting right away!   Regular Wednesday & Saturday posting shall continue until I have so much material I need to add another regular day. But for now,  Wed & Sat it is!  Set your VCRs to stun and I’ll see you on Saturday!

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