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Girl Gang

What’s better than a powerhouse gang of awesome girlfriends? I don’t know if anything is. Sync those cycles (bicycles or… other cycles) and ride out, girls. I did this illustration for a Simpsons themed art show (Fun Fact: it did not get in.) but I like it so much I want it to see the light of day.


I wrote a very vomit-inducing statement to accompany it, and no, you don’t get to see that. My hatred of sincere, existential, culturally nuanced, jargon-filled artist statements is perhaps what keeps me from achieving success.  YES. THAT MUST BE IT.

Feminism Is Totes My Bag

It really is.

PinkTotes.tight crop.WEBWith the collaborative powers of myself (on brush pen),  Amy Wood (copywriter), Steph Guthrie (closer), and Shaunna (scholar), this little beauty was born. In both pink and black (…but we are out of black. One day we will be back in black).

BlackTotes.tight crop.WEB

It’s a joke and a graphic and a message and a tote bag.  Like Feminism, it’s a lot to unpack because it contains multitudes.  You can have your own for a measly $10 via the Drunk Feminist Films Shop.   There are also posters, but you need to come to a live event to get one.

Pink Poster.WEB

Shameless Magazine

I have an illustration in the most recent issue of Shameless magazine!


As the tagline says, the article is about , “Why ‘Strong is the New Skinny’ is more of the same”. Karen Ko, a personal trainer and weightlifter, talks about her initial optimism for this new message and her eventual disappointment in discovering that “Strength” as advertised, is just another impossible ideal; one that continues to ignore queerness, women of colour, motherhood, older women, and trans-identified people.


I feel like Ko addresses a lot of the questions that don’t get included in conversations about women’s fitness and body image. But don’t take MY word for it. Check out the new issue of Shameless (subscribe online… there’s an app too!) – read the whole thing of course… but Karen Ko and I are on page 13.

The Hawkeye Initiative

Yay for the internet! For every 20th instance of GROSS porn that still gets through your filter when you google totally normal stuff like the lyrics to Moxy Fruvous’ King of Spain so you can prove to your American friends it is actually REAL… for every 20-200 porn shots, the internet offers up a lovely gift of something funny, smart, creative and communal.  The newest something is the Hawkeye Initiative. If you haven’t heard of it yet, HERE is an article, and HERE. Or better yet, THIS is the actual tumblr.

The long and long of it is that excellent artists riffed on one of the EVERY piece of comic art EVER that depicts women heroes in crazy sexualized poses, skimpy costumes, and literally body-breaking contortions (usually so you can see their boobs and bums at once). These clever internetters redrew a particularly bad cover and switched the man and the woman’s pose.  It was funny, and so OBVIOUS how differently the genders were treated.  Other artists made their own, and a tumblr was born.  (LONG PREAMBLE OVER)

This is my contribution:


Lookin’ good, Hawkeye. He is fascinatingly still managing to have more clothes on than Vampirella, who is sitting so comfortably with one butt cheek lifted off of the ground. I submitted it, but from the sounds of things, it will take a while to go through the queue. EDIT: Wrong! It went up last night at 5am! 

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 11.33.06 AM

Speaking of Vampires, I also started my own tumblr for a little document I wrote called The Feminist Twilight Drinking Game, and in honour of both the Hawkeye Initiative and Twilight’s exemplary treatment of women, I made this, to complete the set:


Yup. Totally normal.

I also have a store and you can request prints for pretty much anything you see here or on my “official” portfolio site.  gilliangoerz (at) gmail.com