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Some February work.

Having a great art day makes me feel like posting!

Here is some recent work from my drawing and painting class. It’s kinda corny, but this class is more about execution than concept, which is to say it’s not at all about concept and totally about composition, execution, etc.  We are doing drapery right now, so my instructor asked for a drawing of a flamenco dancer, clown or matador. Everyone but one person chose the dancer. I am not that one.


Not pictured: Castinettes.

You can see some of the bottom drapery is… invented. And perhaps sloppily. I am a pretty strong believer in drawing from life not your imagination (in cases like this where realistic depiction, not “creativity” per say is the objective) so this is a bit of a cop out.  I just drew a picture I found online (I am reminded of Ruth Fisher saying “Oh, he just loves Online!”) and where the photo ends and my invention begins is fairly obvious.  Also her nose shadow looks a bit like a Hitler ‘stache. It was like that in the photo making it a prime case in which varying from what you see is advisable.

The next one is another person with folds of drapery. Again I kinda cheaped out on the object of the assignment (drapery) in lieu of doing what I wanted.


Both of these are done with black ink wash.  Both of these also got great comments from the instructor in class, which means they will both get C’s.  This guy’s classic move is heaping praise on every single piece, even if it’s a total POS, and then issuing grades based on how he really feels about it. Perhaps he is trying to spare us in-class humiliation, but it’s terribly demoralizing to get these bargain basement marks after feeling like you are a handshake away from a grant and an internship. Besides, none of the other classes spare us the in-class coal-raking, so what’s the point? Perhaps he is a wimp. Perhaps.

This has been a good art day because I am feeling both inspired and motivated – two infrequent bed-fellows, to put it britishly.  They have been feuding pretty ferociously, but just finished a very successful mediation session and have joined again in happy matrimony.  In honour of their reunion, I will post a work in progress at two stages.

This is more drapery drawing.  The initial sketch:

drawingThis is a little shoddy in quality, since it’s a scanned pencil sketch, which scanners HATE. I jacked up the black levels so something would show up. This is my friend Jacqueline who kindly modeled her cardigan on her head as she studied.

Next I painted in her skin in watercolour:

watercolour-skinI tried to adjust the colour of the skin in photoshop, but the real pain of a laptop is that depending on the angle of your screen, the colour saturation is dramatically different and you can’t know which angle is the correct one.  The yellows here are a little deeper than they are in the original. Especially the dark spot on her nose. It’s a more lemon yellow in person, less jaundiced rudolf.

Next I want to ink all the lines in sepia-toned ink and leave them as just outlines, not filling them in. This plan requires a new pen nib that will make finer lines than the ones I have, so it has to wait, sadly, until tomorrow.  I will be sure to update the finished drawing at some point.  I am pretty happy with it so far and a little scared to mess it up. I think watercolour and I might be new best friends. That’s all for now.