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Chicken Game in Humber Literary Review

Seeing my own artwork in print does not get old.

This summer I did another comic with the award-winning, magical author of SKIM and This One Summer, Mariko Tamaki. It’s a one-pager called Chicken Game and it’s in the Fall/winter 2014/15 edition of the Humber Literary Review.  ON STANDS NOW!


Remember that messed up fad (in my school it was in Grade 8) where everyone in your school started choking each other to the point of passing out, just for fun? Aren’t kids great?  Teachers would have to have “a talk” about how incredibly dangerous this is because somehow keywords like “choking” and “passing out” weren’t big enough clues.  It seems like every kid everywhere had some version of this.   This is what Chicken Game is about.  There is some salty language, so be aware, read with care.



Nope. Not bored of seeing that yet.

There’s also an interview. With me!  A little yakkety yack, a little blah blah blah.

ComicsQ&A_WEBBig props to amazing artist Adrienne Chalaturnyk, and librarian/hair queen Kathleen Scheaffer for their hand modelling.  My hands are so tiny and mal-formed I am always in need of help in the hand drawing department.


Happy Hallow’een!

Some schools have banned this fine holiday and are calling it Black and Orange day. Which is the stupidest. Call it Costume Day if you must, and then let the children PLAY for the sake of pete!  Wearing two colours, and getting dressed up in elaborate costumes as anyone you like including dark things like monsters IS NOT THE SAME and one is WAY better.

Rant over. In honour of this day, I did a little warm-up drawing of my friend Katie, who keeps the Halloween spirit alive all year round (Literally. It is her Christmas, and she has Halloween cups and plates and tea towels, etc. that she uses all year round). She also loves gum and bunnies so I made her this:

Little Bo Peepers

I can’t get enough of drawing these tiny glamour queens! This one has lost her sheep, but she’ll use her laser vision to find them.  Or to hypnotize you. She will be Grand Supreme, no matter what it takes.

“Glamerous” Beauty

After watching an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras (“working”), I made this very glamorous drawing… in which I misspell “Glamorous”.

Oh, how it amuses me!  These made-up children exploited for comic value! And their terrible, terrible parents! Some of the parents on this episode were actually quite lovely and supportive and their kids were into pageants, legitimately. But one lone mother and her darling hellcat inspired the above… and the below. From such lofty inspiration as T&T, I made my first animated gif (complete with uncorrected spelling error. Le SIGH).

She her shimmer!  She’s a STAR.