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Chicken Game in Humber Literary Review

Seeing my own artwork in print does not get old.

This summer I did another comic with the award-winning, magical author of SKIM and This One Summer, Mariko Tamaki. It’s a one-pager called Chicken Game and it’s in the Fall/winter 2014/15 edition of the Humber Literary Review.  ON STANDS NOW!


Remember that messed up fad (in my school it was in Grade 8) where everyone in your school started choking each other to the point of passing out, just for fun? Aren’t kids great?  Teachers would have to have “a talk” about how incredibly dangerous this is because somehow keywords like “choking” and “passing out” weren’t big enough clues.  It seems like every kid everywhere had some version of this.   This is what Chicken Game is about.  There is some salty language, so be aware, read with care.



Nope. Not bored of seeing that yet.

There’s also an interview. With me!  A little yakkety yack, a little blah blah blah.

ComicsQ&A_WEBBig props to amazing artist Adrienne Chalaturnyk, and librarian/hair queen Kathleen Scheaffer for their hand modelling.  My hands are so tiny and mal-formed I am always in need of help in the hand drawing department.


Lilly’s Lunches!

I was happy and proud to work on some drawings for my delightful friend Elizabeth Callahan’s new business. This business is the best thing to hit Toronto, perhaps ever. Why wouldn’t you want a gourmet, homemade, delicious lunch delivered by bike to your small cubicle, your slow retail shop, your downtown location?  And delivered by a sweet, charming woman, no less!

Here’s a drawing I did for her promo postcard:

Why not book yourself some delicious lunches, RIGHT NOW: lillyslunches.com

This version is for her “about” page:


If you or someone you know suffers from a boring lunch, a dull office experience, the insufferable monotony of the same lunch options, day in and day out, the antidote has arrived.  Was your grease-stained bag of fast food lunch made with LOVE?  I DOUBT IT.  Lilly’s Lunches are.

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Coleslawshank Redemption


I’ve seen people dumpster diving behind the corner grocery store near my house, and frankly, I am almost always so jealous of the sweet stuff they are getting. Barely wilted arugula in a tub that I paid $3.99 for the day before. Who is the fool here?  “He or She who is without shame gets the free veggies from the dumpster” – Morgan Freeman, March of the Penguins*

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*This quote may in fact be a total made up lie. Better watch that Penguin movie to be sure. They are like little humans with bigger hearts until they do something “cruel” and then it’s just their nature.

Oo La la!

Just a doodle to keep the seat warm until Saturday when a “more legit” post will take a shift at the wheel. Road trip metaphor!

Excuse me, sir? Is this your secretary?

No sir. She’s my boss.

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Quick & Lazy

An ill-conceived typography joke. But I like the cute fox and the fat, fat dog.

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When Your Best Friend Is Pregnant…

…sometimes it turns you into a little bit of a crazy person.


Honey Boo Boo Child

If you are like me (and I think you are) you may sometimes enjoy the grotesque display of “reality” that is Toddlers & Tiaras.  You may, like me, love to hate it. Like me, you may not seek it out directly, but when it comes your way, Oh you shall laugh.

I am sure the internet-using world is familiar by now with T&T “star” Alana who’s “special juice is gonna help her wiiiiiin”, and who’s mother is the “coupon queen”.  A dollah makes me hollah too, so I obviously I relate.

The top one is the daughter.

Oh tangents, when will you ever take us to the point?  <soooooon, my lovessss>  (ugh! creepy tangent voice.)

THE POINT is that the friend who introduced me to Alana in the first place had a birthday, a birthday he shares with another friend. Two friends, one boy, one girl, one shared birthday. Together, they are the Superbabies. Two little babies, born on the same day, in the same year. Two grown up babies that are crazy if they think they are gonna beat Alana, Honey boo boo child!  I did this little drawing for both of them as a present. Happy Birthday (last week. *cough*) Superbabies!

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When the bearded sleep.

A little drawing of my main man getting his beauty sleep.

So many great projects on the go this month, I am finding little time to finish the comics that are also on the go. Such as the tale of a prairie girl come to a big city party that goes WAY over her head… OR DOES IT?  Really, it’s too early to tease for this one because it’s going to be a solid month before it’s ready to go up.  Fortunately there are other things to post, like ink drawings of sleeping dudes.

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The Couple that Stays Together (part 2)

If you are finding this blog for the first time, WELL DONE, but also read the last post to explain this one. Or just read this sentence:

Now for more Engagement Photos the Reflect the Real Relationship of the Couple!

These two got engaged on Spring Break in Cancun.

They aren’t shallow, they just know what they want: great profile pics.

Those aren’t cigarettes.

“He has just the best taste. This matches the Hermes toenail clippers with embedded swarovski crystals he got me on our 3 week anniversary which is when I knew, he was a keeper.”

(nice mock turtle neck, guy)

I hope these doodles find all 7 of my readers healthy and fine. I will be on “vacay” when these posts go up so I hope to get into more regular comic (and other art & design) posting right away!   Regular Wednesday & Saturday posting shall continue until I have so much material I need to add another regular day. But for now,  Wed & Sat it is!  Set your VCRs to stun and I’ll see you on Saturday!

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The Couple That Stays Together… (part 1)

About a month ago I was walking on Bloor in front of one of the many, many small grocery stores that have fruit and flowers and fire logs and watermelons spilling onto the sidewalk via tables and stands and upturned milk crates, and it was here that I saw an unwanted sight.  Not a person begging or a vested weiner with the worst job on earth asking if I have a second to chat about being “a girl” – this was a far grosser spectacle: two “lovers” (barfbarfbarf) entwined, wearing very neutral clothing – their casual friday best – sitting on the SIDEWALK in front of all the fruit covered in wasps and flies atop card-tables covered in newspaper, posing while a photographer took pictures. These were Engagement Photos.  The most unnatural form of photography or posing or even of BEING in the world. No couple acts the way their engagement photos portray them. Standing one in front of the other, arms around the waist, a hand so casually placed on the other’s… cheek? Why are you touching his face, unseeing as he stands behind you? Why are you wearing sweater vests in July? Why are you trying to convince your friends and family that this beige cable-knit heinousness REPRESENTS YOUR LOVE. This is what your love is like? 

Obviously this pair met at this crappy corner grocery and so to illuminate the path of their romantic destiny, they sat on a grimy sidewalk in front of a gentleman begging with an empty Tim Horton’s cup and they gazed awkwardly at each other while a photo journalist recently laid off from every newspaper in Canada tried to make her rent.

The situation got me a-thinking: What would the photos look like if the engaged couple actually acted out their relationship?  (Giant preamble finally coming to a head…) AAAaaaaaand so I bring you a few doodles on this topic:

The Couple That Stays Together: Engagment Photos that Reflect the Real Lives of the Couple.

(I would sincerely love to see someone send out pictures like these).

These two, if it is not clear, are robbing the 3rd gentleman. (He’s got the gun, she’s got the wallet)


“With this piece of the Triforce, I thee wed”

Him: “hun dont mess my hair. xo”

Her: “im caressing ur ckeek, u ass”

We have all met these two.

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