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Bob Dylan is not Handsome, in a traditional sense.

But he sure writes a mean song.

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In memory of Jack Layton.

As with the original, I am inviting people to use this image and share it.  This feels like a really strange time to be alive, and Jack Layton’s unexpected passing only intensified this feeling. I felt like he was a hopeful presence in the world; someone to ground the strong and disparate currents of our times.  My favorite memory is of Jack slicing into Harper at the debates in the last election, unafraid to show his appropriate disgust with Harper’s multiple betrayals, remaining classy all the while.  He was an true advocate for the Canada I like best: an honest and sincere country that takes care of its people, and uses reason and compassion to make decisions rather than fear and greed. I hope his sad death can bring together the people of this world in some kind of compassionate way – I think his farewell letter is a great place to start: http://www.ndp.ca/


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Comics: Allen’s Story, page 2.

Click to enlarge.

I am gunning to post something twice a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays), and so far, so OK! Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion this Saturday!

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COMICS! Allan’s Story, Page 1

WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN????  Tune in for page two on Saturday!

ALSO, tonight is the opening reception for the Bicycle Film Fest’s Art Showcase! Gladstone. 6 PM.  Be there.

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I’ve been building a lot of ads at work, which is nice because I am afforded the freedom to do pretty much whatever I want.  This is what I wanted to do most recently:

Coming soon:

– the blog reveal (oh, be still thy beating hearts) of my piece from the Romance of the Wheel (soon to be displayed in the Bicycle Film Festival art showcase at the Gladstone – details to follow);

– Another COMIC! What are these comics? ask those lost in Internet’s musky depths, finding this blog only when an image search for flamenco dancing in Holland brings you here (this happened). Well, it is where I draw a pictoral retelling of other people’s submitted oft-told stories of substance use and abuse. Sad, scary, squalid, shilarious (see how I kept it alliterative by adding another “s” there? Pronounce that “sil-air-eous” in your head,  not with a “sh”), these are the stories you keep in your back pocket for the fireside. Share them with me and I will make them into a hastily drafted comic for ever or as long as Internet shall live (2 weeks max).  Email your true stories to gilliangoerz(at)gmail(dot)com.  Request your pseudonym or email your permission to use your real name and likeness. If you send nothing I will MAKE IT UP with all the possibility that entails. Choose wisely.

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I met the Buddah and Tweeted about it.

From twitter:

“If you meet the Buddah on the side of the road, maybe he’ll tell you it’s his birthday and have the shirt to prove it.”

I met this gentleman on the street twice in two weeks. Both times he happily waved and announced it was his birthday, but only on the second time, after which this was drawn, did he have the shirt. I chose to believe it is his birthday anytime he wills it.

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This is a birthday doodle I did for my friend Kira who is as devious as the picture implies.The inside reads “She’ll never tell…”.


Bright lights will inspire you… (Nuts & Bolts Parts 2)

Now that I have righteously offended illustrators I admire (Aaron Meshon sent me a cheeky email about my heinous drawings and the way they falsely depict his chin – singular. It was awesome. Is this the way you make contacts? Who shall I offend next?  How about art directors!) I will go on to post some of the photos from my New York trip to the Nuts & Bolts conference.

How about our trip to the Pencil Factory in Brooklyn? The Pencil Factory, if you didn’t know, is this amazing warehouse that’s been converted to gorgeous studios that house some really awesome young illustrators and designers.  By and large they were all awesome, chilled out, stylish and rode bicycles.

A fixed gear bicycle grows in Brooklyn.

And my pictures are by and large, blurry. Alas.

Who could that blurry figure backed by a wall full of great posters be?

Could it be Sam Webber, casually answering questions and sipping a drink?

It IS Sam Webber. His new work is blurred in the background by request. Take my word for it: It was awesome.

This? Oh yeah. It's just his ORIGINAL WORKS that he let us greasy sweating assholes manhandle. NBD.

In case my fangirl ranting didn’t tip you off, Sam Webber is an amazing painter whose website you can see HERE if you don’t believe me. There are a lot of pictures of this due to it’s obvious merit and some issues with the memory card that prevented much further picture taking. But we’re not done yet! Oh, no!

Tourists in front of a sign of some kind?

That’s me. And my friend Javier Ortiz.

Tourists below... some kind of observation deck? Studios?

We walked around a lot and ate some awesome food.

Tourist looks constipated under... OH, the NBC studios observation deck. Like from TV. Very clever and original. Excellent tourism.

Really though, I am looking forward to my next potential trip to NY where I will try to beat art directors about the face and neck with a portfolio of some kind.  Which could open some doors…