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On December 10th, in reaction not just to the insulting, and treaty-violating Bill C-45, but to years and years of corrosive behaviour, protests and rallies all over Canada took up the Idle No More banner. The website’s mission describes it best:

“Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honors and fulfills Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water. Colonization continues through attacks to Indigenous rights and damage to the land and water. We must repair these violations, live the spirit and intent of the treaty relationship, work towards justice in action, and protect Mother Earth.”

I love that their website includes a clear plan of action. What is more frustrating than not knowing how to initiate change?  Under their Promote link, they call on everyone to write letters, use social media, start conversations, research, make art, educate themselves and others,… click to read the really wonderful list under “PROMOTE”.

The most touching thing about this is the tone: It’s encouraging, positive, enthusiastic.  There is anger, frustration and betrayal, but missing is the bitter vitriol that, considering, would be legitimate and reasonable.  Instead there is a hopefulness, and determination that… well… lets say it gives me cry-throat and leave it at that.

Rather than hopeless, I felt inspired to help and support Idle No More, and since I am aggravatingly late to the party and missed the protests, I made some print materials that are free for distribution, print and sharing.  Feel free to use them, and support the movement yourself – there are more examples of art and graphics on the website, from many different artists.  Let’s banish apathy and write to the Harper government, encourage media to cover this, and support First Nations People in every way we can.



A square poster… Good for twitter pics and other places where squares are!


Bumper Stickers/headers:


Black and white:




If you’d like print resolution files of any of these materials, please email me (gilliangoerz (at) gmail.com), and I’ll gladly send them along.  I can also send vector files that can be separated for screen printing.  Any application of my work that supports Idle No More is welcome and encouraged. I obviously would expect and insist that if reproductions are sold, any and all profits go to Idle No More.

ALSO: I tried to research these to some degree but if what I have made is accidentally offensive, for the love of pete, please let me know.

Postcard Mailers

I know, I know – who uses the mail anymore?  Well, I am going to a little bit when I send out these postcard mailers. If everyone in art/design school  is being advised that this is an arcane practice (they are), then it means maybe my antiquated paper promo with authentic “stamps” will be unique!  Special! Not at the bottom of a pile of similar crap!  We’ll see. I’ll send them out and see what happens. That’s like, The Secret, right? These mailers are my intentions and the post office box is the universe, and my future clients are god or something? I haven’t read that book.

Oooh! Sexy promotional piece! If you are a magazine or publisher, look out. This might be under a romance manuscript in your slush pile. Just staring off to the left of you. Asking, “What does it all mean?”

It means hire me.

New Business Cards!

I’ve adopted the Slow Food movement to apply to my own branding and design.  Put a few ideas in the ole crock pot, stew for oh, six months or so and after throwing out 3-17 batches, arrive at something you find palatable and dig in.

Here it is!  (If you’ve noticed I changed this blog’s header, you’ve already got a sneak peek):

Zoom it on in:

 Haddon Press  did a lovely print job.  You can have your own copy – I will be surreptitiously dropping little piles of them in fine coffee shops all over Toronto. I’ll feel sheepish about it, but I’ll do it just the same.

As per uzsh, I can be followed on twitter, liked on facebook  and adored  in real life.


I’ve been building a lot of ads at work, which is nice because I am afforded the freedom to do pretty much whatever I want.  This is what I wanted to do most recently:

Coming soon:

– the blog reveal (oh, be still thy beating hearts) of my piece from the Romance of the Wheel (soon to be displayed in the Bicycle Film Festival art showcase at the Gladstone – details to follow);

– Another COMIC! What are these comics? ask those lost in Internet’s musky depths, finding this blog only when an image search for flamenco dancing in Holland brings you here (this happened). Well, it is where I draw a pictoral retelling of other people’s submitted oft-told stories of substance use and abuse. Sad, scary, squalid, shilarious (see how I kept it alliterative by adding another “s” there? Pronounce that “sil-air-eous” in your head,  not with a “sh”), these are the stories you keep in your back pocket for the fireside. Share them with me and I will make them into a hastily drafted comic for ever or as long as Internet shall live (2 weeks max).  Email your true stories to gilliangoerz(at)gmail(dot)com.  Request your pseudonym or email your permission to use your real name and likeness. If you send nothing I will MAKE IT UP with all the possibility that entails. Choose wisely.

Requests, followed by threats. That is what I am all about. More of that on twitter: @GillianGoerz


Rejected Linus Ad

I made this ad for exclaim! magazine and this is one of the three versions that I liked best but that was eventually rejected for one I liked somewhat less.  But no matter! They liked it and I can show this one here:

More comics coming soooooon!

Curbside Cycle

My day job at Curbside Cycle is keeping me busy with some graphic design work, which is a delight. Here’s a sale poster I made for a current bike sale.

See it in action on their website: http://www.curbside.on.ca/blog/

I love doing this kind of thing, so thanks to the Curbside crew for the work!  I also did the current window display so if you are in the Annex, check it out.